What have I been up to?

After two months of meaning to post and never getting round to it I have finally been able to get back to my blog!

A massive amount has taken place over the past couple of months and has put a stopper on the amount of reading, writing, and reviewing I have been able to do.

For the majority of August I was out and about with my family and friends. Most prominently, walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path (at least part of it!) with my dad. We have walked almost half of the 186 mile walk around the coast of Pembrokeshire. I am going to be starting a feature on this soon, with plenty of pictures of the beautiful landscape.

As per usual, the summer comes to a quick end and I had read a grand total of about 5 books (although one, A Court of Mist and Fury, I did read about 5 times cause it’s just that good). Results Day rolls around and I did really well! I got 4 A’s, 4 B’s and a C!

I then had to enroll for 6th form to study Performing Arts, English, History and Media. So far it’s been hectic and is so much harder than GCSE’s. However, I love all my subjects so I’m getting the work done. The only downside is that I now have to read In Cold Blood which means everything I actually want to read is getting pushed backwards yet again.

I have lots of review books I need to get read, and to the authors waiting, They will get read but please bear with me.

So that brings us up to now, I have some reviews to write, some blog posts to create and a scedule that I entend to keep to. Hopefully, nothing else gets in the way.


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