REVIEW: Everyone Dies at the End by Riley Westbrook

everyone dies at the endEveryone Dies at the End
Published: 16th March 2016
E-book, 87 pages
Genre: YA, Horror, Paranormal
Rating: 4/10
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Thanks to the author for sending me a e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


I have serious mixed feelings about this book. I loved the concept, however it all got a bit complicated and confusing towards the end.

Who knew the zombie apocalypse would be caused by something we all know is deadly…but that is also all around us? Two stories intersect as the world delves into chaos – Earl, a drugged out heroin addict constantly in search of his next fix, and a family struggling with the dramas of everyday life, get no reprieve during this zombie outbreak. Can any of them survive the deadliest game of all – survival against undead, each other, and the world around them?

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REVIEW: Hills and Valleys by Helen Jones

hills and valleysHills and Valleys(Ambeth Chronicles #3)
ISBN: 9781533267863
Published: 25th May 2016
Paperback, 283 pages
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Magic, Adventure
Rating: 7/10
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This review may contain spoilers from the other books in the series, Oak and Mist and No Quarter.

Thanks, once again, to Helen for sending me a paperback copy of Hills and Valleys in exchange for an honest review.

i am your father

Once again I have been transported back into the world of Ambeth (which I dearly love), as well as being able to stay in a place which I hold close to my heart, the beautiful Welsh countryside.

After the events of the Harvest Fair, Alma is finished with Ambeth – they can find the missing Cup and Crown without her. But Ambeth is not finished with her. First the mystery of her dead father comes back to haunt her, then the Dark reach out, hoping to trap her once more.

And then there’s the strange power she seems to have…

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