Where does the time go?

I’ve only just realised that it’s been over a month since I last wrote a post, and that shocks me. I have to say I do love this, it gives me a place to do and be something different and to express how I feel. Yet, that pesky little thing called time always gets in the way.

One thing that time is making me start to panic about exams, especially with my first (and possibly worst) being in 8 days time. It’s scary to think that in 3 weeks time I won’t have to go back to school for lessons but, it’s a relief to know that on the 17th of June all my GCSE’s will be over and I’ll have 11 weeks to catch up on all the reading that I’ve missed.

Time also knocked on my door today to tell me that I’ve been on WordPress for a year, and that is really scary, it doesn’t seem long since I wrote that very first post. Thank you to anyone who has ever stopped by and had a read or even just a glance at this blog, it really means a lot. Maybe even enough for a giveaway? I’ll have to think on that one….

I’m going to try to start posting at least once a week for the next few months with a few things already scheduled in. Hopefully you’ll stick around.


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