REVIEW: Game Changer by Tim Bowler

Game ChangerGame Changer by Tim Bowler
ISBN: 9780192794154
Published: 3rd March 2015
Paperback, 177 pages
Genre: YA, Real Life, Thriller
Rating: 7/10
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Game Changer is about Mickey who is frightened of open spaces and the outside world. Mickey is determined to overcome his fear with his sister by his side. So going to a noisy, public place shouldn’t be as much of a problem with Meggie there. However, things go terribly wrong when Mickey encounters a gang trying to hide a terrible secret.

This was a nice, quick read from Tim Bowler about how Mickey’s life becomes affected by a gang and how his mental health issues make this harder for him to cope with. I thought that the issue of Mickey not being able to go outside was handled really well throughout the whole of the book. It was also nice to have the novel narrated from Mickey’s point of view to be able to see how he struggled with everyday tasks.

“I’m trying to pretend yesterday didn’t happen. Trouble is, they won’t let me.”

I feel that the relationship between Mickey and Meggie was the main focus of the book and how they help each other overcome obstacles. This worked well however I would have liked the main focus to have been on what was the gang was going to do to make it that little bit more darker.

I didn’t like how we had to wait until almost the end of the book to find out what Mickey had seen the gang do. I felt that it made the first part of the book drag a bit. However, once we did find out what had happened the pace picked up and it became an enjoyable read. I particularly enjoyed some of the action scenes and felt they were the best in the book especially because of the way Mickey narrated them.


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