My Top Ten Books of 2015

My first year of book blogging has gone well, I’ve read some great books by some fantastic authors and thought I’d share my favourite ten with you all!

boost#10: Boost by D.A. Paul

“I liked my face. Ethan liked my face. A lot of people liked my face. Besides, makeup was really just glorified face paint.”

I really liked the mix of paranormal and thriller elements in this book. The absorption of the dead was a great and interesting idea and was put across well. The main character, Lidia, was also very relatable and made this book even more enjoyable.

empire's daughter#9: Empire’s Daughter by Marian Thorpe

“But the world changes. In all the women’s villages of the Empire, this week or next, a soldier like myself will arrive to ask to live in the village, to take up a trade.” Casyn paused, for a breath, a heartbeat. “And to teach you and your daughters to fight.”

Empire’s Daughter is a lovely novel about Lena and how a war in her country changes the lives of herself and many other women in villages all over the Empire. This has a historical feel with a great storyline.

oakandmist#8: Oak And Mist by Helen Jones

“Then the scream came, loud and ragged with pain, arching up from under the pines.”

Alma is cornered between two trees in the park, she is pushed and is transported to a place called Ambeth where the people are beautiful and the world is full of magic. The world is very vivid and the landscape created is one of my favourite parts. There are some great characters that go on a fantastic journey.

No Quarter#7: No Quarter by Helen Jones

“He caught her hand turning it to kiss the burnt red mark on her wrist careful not to touch her bracelet stone.”

No Quarter is the second book in the Ambeth Chronicles series and has more of the Dark characters in (which I absolutely love). There were also some major plot points which were handled really well and made the world and story all that more interesting.

Cuckoo Song - Frances hardinge#6: Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge

“The first things to shift were the dolls eyes, the beautiful grey-green eyes. Slowly they swiveled, until there gaze was resting on Triss’s face. Then the tiny mouth moved, opened to speak.”

This book is about Triss who realises she is different after falling into the Grimmer. Leaves fall out of her hair and she cries cobwebs. Cuckoo Song is so strange and original that it makes a such an amazing read. This is written by one of my newly discovered favourite authors Frances Hardinge who writes exquisitely.

potion diaries#5: The Potion Diaries by Amy Alward

“Strange. She’d always expected a love potion to be red, not blue.”

Taking a break from the dark and mysterious. Number 5 on my list is The Potion Diaries. Samantha Kemi must save the Princess and her family name by making an antidote to a love potion. However it’s not as easy as it seems. The mix of magic and modern technology was fascinating and I absolutely adored it!

demon road#4: Demon Road by Derek Landy

“Twelve hours before Amber Lamont’s parents tried to kill her, she was sitting between them in the principal’s office, her hands in her lap, stifling all the things she wanted to say.”

Derek Landy is one of my favourite authors of all time and when I found out he was writing  a new series I am not ashamed to say I cried. I was lucky enough to get a signed limited edition of Demon Road. Amber must run from the parents that are trying to kill her while getting to grips with the red demon within herself.

Tinder by Sally Gardner#3: Tinder by Sally Gardner

““My captain once said that you meet people in your life who you believe will be your companions on the road, only to discover that they fall by the wayside. Others who you meet without design climb mountains with you.”

This is a great book complimented superbly with fantastic illustrations. Otto Hundebiss is wounded in battle but cheats death. On his travels he meets Safire a beautiful and mysterious girl. With the power of the Tinderbox Otto would give anything to be with his love. The plot unfolds magically, with a sense of poetry in the way it is written.

The Dead House#2: The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich

“Yesternight, upon the stair,
I met a girl who wasn’t there
She wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish she’d…


Three students were killed, 21 injured and one, Carly Johnson, disappears during a fire at Elmbridge High School 25 years ago. Carly and Kaitlyn are not normal sisters, they share the same body. Carly gets the day and Kaitlyn has the night. This is a fantastic YA Horror read! I couldn’t stop reading, the story was so gripping and unique.

The lie tree#1: The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

“The boat moved with a nauseous relentless rhythm, like someone chewing on a rotten tooth.”

This was a fantastic YA read by Frances Hardinge and takes the top spot because of the fantastic way that she writes. In this book, Faith must untangle the truth from the lies using a tree that feeds off whispered lies and bears fruit that reveals hidden secrets. This is a fantastically dark and twisted book that needs to be read by everyone!


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