REVIEW: The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

The lie treeThe Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge
ISBN: 9781447264101
Published: 7th May 2015
Paperback, 413 pages
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Mystery
Rating: 10/10
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When Faith’s family move to the island of Vane, she fears that all is not well. The fourteen-year-old daughter of a well-respected natural scientist, Faith cannot put a foot out-of-place. However, when her father is found dead under mysterious circumstances she is determined to untangle the truth from the lies. She soon finds out about a strange tree which feeds off whispered lies and bears fruit that reveals hidden secrets.

My first ever Frances Hardinge novel was Cuckoo Song (link to review at the bottom of this post) which I thought was amazing! She has not disappointed with this novel as i loved every single word! I could honestly read Frances Hardinge books all day, she just has this style of writing that is perfect, she not only tells the story but adds snippets of information that are relevant to todays society.

“The boat moved with a nauseous relentless rhythm, like someone chewing on a rotten tooth.”

I loved the idea of the Lie Tree and how it grew as the lies became more out of control. I also liked how all the characters were formed on Vane, their reactions to what happen are well thought out and are realistic to the time and setting. I especially liked how the Sunnderly family was different and how they had to adapt to life on Vane.

I liked Faith and her relationships with other characters. Especially how she reacted when the knowledge of women was involved. I liked how her relationships with her mother and Paul Clay changed.

This was a fantastic novel!

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Cuckoo Song - Frances hardinge


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