REVIEW: Superhighway by Alex Fayman

superhighwaySuperhighway by Alex Fayman
Published: 3rd March 2015
E-book, 224 pages
Genre: YA, Thriller, Science-Fiction
Rating: 6/10
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Thanks to the author, Alex Fayman, for sending me a copy of Superhighway in exchange for an honest review!

Alex Fine has lived in an orphanage for most of his life. Just as he is about to enroll in West Coast university he discovers that he has the ability to transport himself through the optical passageways of the internet. Alex can manipulate data and travels to different places in the world, but what will he do with this newfound power?

I really like the idea however, I’m not quite sure if it was executed well in the beginning. I mean I understood parts but there were so many different storylines floating around that I didn’t quite know which one I was meant to be following. However, a the story progressed it zoned in on one storyline with made it a lot more interesting.

“Moving at the speed of light through the darkness of a vast fiber optic spider web always evoked a hypnotic state of peace.”

The idea of electroportation was very interesting and original and the way that Alex used it was well thought out. I also liked how Alex cared about what was happening and had morals that he tried to stick to and when he didn’t he became very angry and upset with himself. There was one tiny detail that really annoyed me and that was the fact that he gives away so much money for minute things. I know he has lots of money but this is one way to get caught.

There were some graphic scenes which I really enjoyed (I sound like a psychopath but who cares). I just thought that they added a sense of danger and gave Alex something to fight for, if anything I would have loved for there to have been more of these scenes. Overall, I did enjoy the concept and the second half of the book.

Thanks again to Alex Fayman for sending me a copy of Superhighway in exchange for an honest review!


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