In the Past. (1/3)

the-pastIn the past. I think a lot about what I have done previously, what didn’t go so well. What I could have done better. I’m generally a pessimistic person. I see the bad stuff and not the good. I focus on what went wrong instead of what went right. I know I should be happy but I’m a perfectionist, I like to get things exactly right and I’m fine with that.

So when it comes to a week like last week when all I want to do is read and watch all my shows on Netflix, I know I can’t because I have to revise for mocks and what is to come. But I don’t, I know I should, but I don’t. I tell myself, ‘there only mocks, they don’t matter’ but they do, I know they do. But at the same time I don’t.

I look to the past too much, I see things the way they once were instead of how they are now. And I need to stop.

CR: Superhighway by Alex Fayman (78%) and The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge.

Shout-out to my friend Will who’s obsession with Doctor Who has led to his blog The Eye of Orion, please take a look if you get a chance and support a fellow nerd 🙂


REVIEW: Demon Road by Derek Landy

demon roadDemon Road by Derek Landy
ISBN: 9780008160500
Published: 28th August 2015
Hardback, 508 pages
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Paranormal
Rating: 9/10
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I have missed my Derek Landy, his Skullduggery Pleasant series has to be my favourite series of all time and when the final book came out I have to admit I cried. When I found out that Derek Landy was going to be writing a new series I almost cried, I had so many questions whats it going to be? Where will it be set? Will it be good? Will it live up to the HUGE expectations that Skullduggery put in place? Let’s just say it did exactly that. I ordered my SIGNED (it’s the best squiggle I have ever seen in my life) limited platinum edition of Demon Road and got stuck in!

Amber Lamont is a sixteen year old who spends most of her time on the internet away from her odd parents and their weird friends. However, Amber soon has to go on the run, leaving everything and everyone she loves behind. Meeting vampires, serial-killers and killer cars, Amber also has to deal with the red-skinned demon within herself

What an emotional rollercoaster, I was happy then sad then angry and then happy again! I really like how it got straight into the action and set the scene for the rest of the book. Also there was some of that trademark Derek Landy wit that I love so much, especially with Glen. The story could go slow in parts but this was made up with the fast, action-filled sections.

““Twelve hours before Amber Lamont’s parents tried to kill her, she was sitting between them in the principal’s office, her hands in her lap, stifling all the things she wanted to say.”

I liked Amber she reminded me of myself (obviously without the whole turning into a demon thing) however I felt she could be slightly naive sometimes. Glen was definitely my favourite he is so funny and just lightened up the really serious situations which I enjoyed. I also liked Milo and how he was very closed off but eventually started to open up.

There were lots of similarities between Demon Road and Skullduggery Pleasant however, I felt they were used in different ways to create the worlds the stories needed. Can’t wait for Desolation!