REVIEW: No Quarter by Helen Jones

No QuarterNo Quarter by Helen Jones(The Ambeth Chronicles:2)
Published: 1st September 2015
Paperback, 324 pages
Genre:  YA, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Magic,
Rating: 8/10
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First of all, thanks to the author, Helen Jones, for sending me a copy of No Quarter in exchange for an honest review. You can find out more about Helen Jones on her blog Journey to Ambeth.

In No Quarter, Alma and Deryck’s relationship is strained from both the Light and the Dark. Caleb struggles to come to terms with Alma’s decision to be with Deryck. With both sides wanting Alma falling in love is hard, but things are about to get much worse.

Things couldn’t be better for Alma. She’s returned the lost Sword to Ambeth and is finally with Deryck, Prince of the Dark. But what’s really going on? Deryck is struggling with his father, who wants to control Alma, while Alma is struggling with her best friend Caleb, who doesn’t trust Deryck one inch. Plus it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with her life in the human world. Falling in love shouldn’t be this difficult. But things are about to get much worse…

I really love Ambeth! The world is so mystifying. I can just imagine the great gardens, churning waves hitting the beach and grand architectural structures. No Quarter is different from Oak and Mist in the fact that this book is more about Deryck and Alma’s relationship that the search for the Regalia.

The love triangle is the main story in this novel as for most of the book it was Alma and Deryck,  Deryck and Caleb or Caleb and Alma. don’t get me wrong some of these parts were some of my favourite in the book but I think it could have been toned down slightly and there could have been a bit more of a focus on the search for the Regalia.

“He caught her hand, turning it to kiss the burnt red mark on her wrist, careful not to touch her bracelet stone.”

My favourite character this time round has to be Caleb. He’s so sweet and just wants the best for Alma. I also liked the fact that we got to learn about his family background as it added an almost sentimental touch which I really enjoyed. I really liked some of the parts where he is fighting with Deryck.

A little about the other characters. Alma, she cried way to much however, I do like how she makes decisions against who she is meant to be. I like her when she is talking with Adara or Thorion. I felt so sorry for Thorion in this book as he obviously cares greatly for Alma and Caleb. I love the descriptions of his changing eye colour depending on his feelings.

I’m so happy that the Dark got to make more of a appearance in book two of the Ambeth Chronicles. I thought it was great to get a new perspective on things in Ambeth. Deryck was my favourite Dark member however it was nice to find out a bit more about Denoris and Ellery.

Thanks again to Helen for sending me a copy of No Quarter. I’m dying to get my hands on Hills and Valleys I need to know whats going to happen!

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