REVIEW: More Than This by Patrick Ness

b586c-more2bthan2bthis2b-2bpartick2bnessMore Than This
Published: 1st May 2014
Paperback, 480 pages
YA, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Mystery, Thriller
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Seth dies, but then he wakes up. Covered in bandages and in a strange abandoned world. All alone he decides that this must be his own personalised version of hell. However when he sleeps he dreams of his life, his family, his friends but why is he here? Why is he not dead?

I really didn’t like the first Part of More Than This, I felt it dragged way to much and the plot just didn’t make me want to carry on as other books have. However I persisted and it got slightly better, there was some action and we started to learn more about what was happening and what had happened. It gradually started to get better and better and then I got to the end and I just didn’t like it again. I felt the very end was kinda rushed and shouldn’t have really been left like that.

“Here is the boy, drowning.”

Aside from this though there were some good points though, I really liked the thought process that was going through Seth’s mind when things were happening and I als really liked the mystery surrounding the Driver. More Than This had me guessing right till the very end about what was going to happen as there were so many possibilities!

Overall, this was a good book just the start and the end put me off enjoying the rest of the book thoroughly.


Unknown Sender by Ryan Lanz

unknown senderUnknown Sender
Published: 5th June 2015
E-book, 25 pages
Genre: YA, Thriller, Short Story
Rating: 4/10

I received a e-book version of Unknown Sender from the author in exchange for a honest review.

This is a quick read great to fill the gap between books. It is about Jessica who is all about studying however when she starts receiving strange texts from an unknown person, her past starts to catch up with her.

I have to say that I’ve never really read many short stories before as they just seem to short. Unknown Sender is good, it gives a nice overview of what happens to Jessica but I just feel that if it was just that little bit longer there could have been lots more explanation and detail that was needed in some parts.

“Do you lock your doors at night?”

The ending felt rushed and I kinda got confused as to why it was happening I mean I think I know but a bit of explanation would have been nice. The descriptions are good and some parts are well thought out I just think that it could have been longer to include more detail.

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The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore

thefalloffiveThe Fall of Five
ISBN: 1405918535
Published: 17th July 2014
Paperback, 341 pages
Genre: YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action, Romance
Rating: 5/10

I haven’t read anything from this series in a while so I had started to forget who was who, so when I started I was very confused as to who everyone was. In the fourth book in the series, The Garde have to find Number Five before the Mogs. Also Sam escapes along with some help. Living in Nine’s penthouse the Garde feel that they are ready for anything, but are they?

“Tonight’s escape fantasy stars Six. A horde of Mogadorians stands between her and my cell – which isn’t technically realistic”

I love the plot because of how fast-moving it is, the characters are great although I feel they could be defined a bit more. Four is still my favourite character as he is ‘the original’ Garde member. I love how we got to learn more about their Inheritance and Lorien in this book however it was still surrounded by so much action! As I said I did get confused about who was who because of how long it’s been since The Rise of Nine but I still think this was an ok book.

Oak and Mist by Helen Jones

oakandmistOak and Mist
ISBN: 1508860122
Published: March 2015
Paperback, 289 pages
Genre: YA Fantasy, Magic, Adventure, Romance
Rating: 8/10

Thanks first of all to the author Helen Jones(Journey to Ambeth) for sending me this copy of Oak and Mist, I’m very grateful!

Alma is just a normal 15-year-old until Ellery and her friends turn up and corner her in between two trees in the middle of the park. She is transported to the world of Ambeth where the people are beautiful and the world is full of magic. Alma has some big decisions to make.

“Then the scream came, loud and ragged with pain, arching up from under the pines.”

I really enjoyed this novel, yes I’ve read books with the same base storyline before but this world that Helen Jones has created just seemed more vivid. I can actually imagine aspects of the landscape based on my own memories.  I liked the whole Light and Dark aspect, I would really like to see more of the Dark characters and how they are dealing with what is happening.

I liked most of the characters, some like Artos and Adara could have been better rounded but most of the characters were pretty good. There’s a bit of a love triangle but I can deal with it because the adventure aspects are great.

I can’t wait for No Quarter to come out!