Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

0Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman
ISBN: 9780552555708
Published: 8th August 2006
Paperback, 479 pages
Genre: YA, Real Life, Dystopian, Romance
Rating: 10/10

Noughts & Crosses is a fantastic novel written by award-winning author Malorie Blackman. This story is well constructed with different opinions in different sections. Persephone(Sephy) Hadley is a Cross (Dark-skinned) who is part of the of the upper class. Callum is a Nought(white-skinned) who are the lower class. They are friends who then become lovers. There is bombs, murders, suicide, and plenty of other crimes. It is a hard-hitting book for what life could have been like if it was the other way around.

Sephy has a very vulnerable and  mis-guided personality which I feel is because of her sheltered upbringing. Callums character has to deal with a bucket load of emotions in such a small space of time. I particularly liked Judes character as he starts to turn into a toxic shell with only a few emotions in tack. He becomes very obsessed with the Liberation Milita and making Crosses pay for the way they have treated Noughts.

“Maybe hatred has nothing to do with the devil either. Maybe it’s something we’ve invented. And then we just blame it on you, God, or on the devil, because it’s easier than blaming ourselves…”

I liked the style of writing as it was unique. I liked the different ‘races’ opinions and from more than one person.  Noughts and Crosses gave me a enlightened feeling as it was a new outlook on racism and discrimination from the one that we know.

Other things I liked about this book was the blurb as it is informative but not enough to give any of the best parts away.I also likes the cover as the black and white contrast is great, and makes perfect sense to what the books is about. The opening gives the reader knowledge on how Callum and Sephy become friends (through Meggie working for Jasmine).

I didn’t like Lynette’s accident as I felt it was rushed and not detailed enough because of other things that were about to happen.

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knife edge checkmate double cross


Killing Rachel by Anne Cassidy

Killing RachelKilling Rachel
ISBN: 1408815516
Published: 14th March 2013
Paperback, 336 pages
Genre: YA, Murder, Mystery, Thriller
Rating: 8/10

Rose Smith and Joshua Johnson are looking for her mother and his father who both disappeared 5 years ago. The police have said their parents are dead, but when some of Joshua’s dad’s belongings appear they have reason to believe that their parents are still alive. Alongside this, Rose’s ex-friend from her old boarding school, Rachel, starts to send her disturbing letters and phone calls, which when she starts to take seriously finds out that Rachel has been found dead in the lake at Mary Linton College. I feel that the plot is well constructed; also, the conclusion fits in perfectly with the rest of the book especially within the Rachel storyline.

Rose has quite a subdued character as she is dealing with the disappearance of her mother. I like how she talks about her mixed-up feelings for Joshua. Joshua has a character who really wants to know where his dad and Rose’s mum are. He gets quite irritated when Rose doesn’t believe him about seeing his dad.

“Rose was hiding. It was dark and cold and she was hiding in a shop doorway staring at two people aross the road.”

I liked how Rose has flashbacks to the time when she was at Mary Linton College and friends with Rachel. I also like how her feelings are portrayed. Anne Cassidy‘s descriptions are great and help to create the scenes in your mind. ‘Killing Rachel’ made me feel a few different emotions; mostly it made me feel sad because of what the characters were going through. It also made me feel confused, angry and annoyed.

Other parts I liked about this book were; the blurb as the first line gives a very strong impact. I also like the cover as it draws in attention with the big title, the only part of the cover I don’t like is ‘the murder notebooks’ at the top as to me it looks quite childish. I feel the opening is very good as it gives you a quick insight into what has been going on. This book is good as I never would have guessed it was the second in the series!

WARP:The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer

WARPW.A.R.P. The Reluctant Assassin
ISBN: 0141341750
Published: 11th April 2013
Hardback, 321 pages
Genre: YA Steampunk, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Rating: DNF

Warp: The Reluctant Assassin’ is the first in a new series by Eoin Colfer. The story is about a Victorian orphan who was taken under the wing of assassin-for-hire Albert Garrick. Riley, when proving himself to Garrick, gets transported through time to the twenty-first century and to Chevie Savano a F.B.I. agent who is currently working with W.A.R.P. (Witness Anonymous Relocation Programme).

Chevie Savano, the youngest F.B.I. agent they have has a very lively and quick paced personality. She’s more of an ‘act before thinking’ person that the other way around. Riley is a lovable rouge with a good Victorian accent. He knows a lot about Victorian London thanks to his days with Albert Garrick, he works well with Chevie as they try to escape from Garrick’s clutches. Garrick is meant to be the devil according to Riley but he seems to be trying to hard than an evil master should. He also shows off way too much.

“No alcohol, Riley.” She nodded at the screen. “How are you liking the twenty-first century?”
Riley burped. “The Take That are most melodic. And God bless Harry Potter is all I can say. If not for him, all of London would have been consumed by the dark arts.”

I did not like how it was set out as some parts were quite confusing especially when it went from character to character without and means to tell us that the narrator was changing (e.g. a change in font, new chapter, or subheading) although there were subheadings to show changes in time and place it wasn’t enough.

This book made me feel very bored as it wasn’t doing anything for me. It is very slow to start off and then it didn’t do anything. The main thing I liked about this book was the blurb as it gave you a quick insight to the book it is quick, snappy and fast which is more than can be said for the story itself. I didn’t like the ending as it was too long for me and everything just seemed to drag on.

REVIEW: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

the 5th waveThe 5th Wave
ISBN: 0141345837
Published: 7th May 2013
Paperback, 460 pages
Genre: YA Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Romance
Rating: 9.5/10

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‘The 5th Wave’ by Rick Yancey is all about the last humans on earth and how they have to defeat the others to survive. I like how the book is set out with three narrators Cassie, Sammy (her brother). And Ben Parish (Zombie) with each new narrator there is a black page with stars (like outer space) I liked the story line as I do not usually read sci-fi books, I especially liked Cassie and Evan’s romance as it help to break up all the alien action. I also think it would have helped if the action was spread out more and wasn’t so clumped together especially at the end although I do know it is leading on to a sequel.

My favourite character was Evan because on the outside he was perfect. Good Looks, Farmers Boy background, Good sense of humour, know how to take care of himself and the people around him. What’s not to like? That is until you find out about his secret that could shatter his perfect persona. I also liked Cassie for her strength and courage especially from her being the “last human on earth” to finding her brother, her high-school crush and a mysterious Evan Walker.

There were three phrases that I particularly liked these were “He’s gone Dorothy” as it is used a lot while Ben Parish is talking, “Dorothy” meaning a person has gone mental it isn’t until about three-quarters of the way through the book that they realise the people who went “Dorothy” actually knew the truth…I also liked the part where Cassie and Evan are first falling for each other and Evan said “You saved me” I love this line as it is so mysterious it makes you want to keep reading to see why he said it.

“I am a shark, Cassie,” he says slowly, drawing the words out, as if he might be speaking to me for the last time. Looking into my eyes with tears in his, as if he’s seeing me for the last time. “A shark who dreamed he was a man.”

‘The 5th Wave’ made me feel a whole array of feeling for instance when Ben first met Ringer it made me feel happy. It also made me feel sad when they talked about their lives before coming to earth. I also felt anxious as it was getting closer to the end as I couldn’t wait for the finale.

I liked the part of the blurb where it talked about the previous waves and how it has affected the world’s population. The cover is also good as it has an intriguing image which makes you want to read the book. The opening is very clever as it makes your mind start to work although it is easily forgettable, coincidentally the woman forgot all about her dream…One of the parts I didn’t like was the part where Sammy was being “tagged and bagged” as it dragged on a bit.

Overall, I think this was a good book with just the right amount of sci-fi, romance and friendship to complement each other.

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